terimalah hambu mu ini Ya Allah Hu Akbar

terimalah hambu mu ini Ya Allah Hu Akbar
aku nak jadi hamba Allah yang bertaqwa kepada Nya

Thursday, October 30, 2008

abraham harrold maslow

Abraham Maslow
An outline biography
Abraham Maslow - ( Abraham Harold Maslow ), who is widely known of for developing a view that people are successively motivated by the claims of an hierarchy of need, was born on 1st April 1908 in Brooklyn, New York, to a poor, immigrant, Russian Jewish family. He was their first child, six more were to follow. The parents of the family saw education as a route to advancement in the United States and placed great emphasis on their children's progress in school.

In line with his parents wishes Abraham Maslow began to study Law but later, following a transfer in his Law studies from New York to Wisconsin, became fascinated by Psychology becoming involved in researches upon Rhesus monkeys under the supervision of the celebrated Harry Harlow. In the event he did not graduate in Law but was awarded junior and senior degrees to PhD level in Psychology by the University of Wisconsin between 1930 and 1934.

After a period of further research at New York's Columbia University he was employed as a lecturer, and eventually as a full professor in Psychology.

What we now know as Maslow's hierarchy of need dates, in its initial conception, from circa 1943. This hierarchy is applied to human beings and is built upon the perception that some needs take precedence over others.

In later life Maslow was plagued by ill health and withdrew from full time teaching. He was only sixty-two years of age at the time of his death in 1970.

Abraham Maslow set out many of his psychological views in his Toward a Psychology of Being (1962) and in his Farther Reaches of Human Nature (1971).

There is a link on the main menu bar on this page to another page that gives more information about details of the needs that were associated in the theorised hierarchy.

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